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Créme de Vie - anti-wrinkle and anti-aging cream - CURRENTLY OUT OF STOCK

The quest for a wrinkle-free face has been the holy grail since man started walking upright, but even with the time, effort and money spent by all cosmetic manufacturers, few could actually produce a product that would help stop wrinkle formation and remove wrinkles already formed.

Scientifically proven wrinkle reduction

Since talk is cheap, and people make promises that do not pan out, herewith verified clinical photos taken during trials conducted at a prestigious European university which clearly shows the reduction of wrinkle depth after use of our cream.

Skin topographic imprints of the preorbital region of a healthy healthy volunteer (age 38) treated with and O/W emulsion without (Base) or with 10% ARGIRELINE. Silicone imprints were taken before the onset of treatment, after 15 days treatment and after 30 days treatment. Imprints were processed by confocal microscopy. Three dimensional reconstructions were obtained as described in methods.

Botox and Argireline

The injection of botulism, which is a powerful neurotoxin, has been the only way for women and men to help reduce wrinkle formation, but even this powerful toxic compound has its limitations, since it cannot be used around the eye area and has other potentially unpleasant side effects.

This all changed when a private laboratory in Spain, in collaboration with a university research facility, and with partial funding by the Spanish Ministry of Science and Technology developed a new hexapeptide molecule - called Argireline® - and now used by many other cosmetic manufacturers - however they do NOT always include it at the correct amount into the formulation.

This Argireline molecule is a non-toxic, non-irritant compound that modulates the excessive stimulation of the facial muscles, relaxing facial tension and also reduces the depth of already formed wrinkles - and is suitable for both men and women - and helping to form the perfect anti-aging cream.

New improved formula

We have added complementary ingredients to the Argireline® and other active ingredients used in Crème de Vie to boost the effectiveness even further - and have now added:

The Aldenine® is to protect your cell DNA from damage; the Hyaluronic acid to drastically improve the moisture content of the skin; Rosehip to fight the effects of sun damage Cranberry oil for its antioxidant properties and highly nourishing value.

For further clinical data on Argireline®

Correct formulation and giving the consumer the best

For the compound to be effective, it must be included at a 10% solution to a cream, which is the way in which Créme de Vie has been formulated.

We were the first company to use this molecule, and as stated, include it in the correct percentage - and we DO NOT "angel dust" like so many other manufacturers do.  To read more about angel dusting please click here.

Other companies also Argireline into their formulations, but when used at less than the 10% inclusion rate, the cream cannot be as effective, as the clinical trials that were done when the research and development this molecule used an inclusion rate of 10%.

Sallamander Concepts, the manufacturers of Créme de Vie also include other active ingredients to further enhance the effectiveness of the cream and to make it a superb moisturizing treatment.

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