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Summary of the anti-wrinkle and anti-aging effect of the hexapeptide

Botulinum neurotoxins (BoNTs) represent a revolution in cosmetic science because of their remarkable and long-lasting anti-wrinkle activity.  However, their high neurotoxicity seriously limits their use. Thus, there is a need to design and validate non-toxic molecules that mimic the action of BoNTs.

anti-wrinkle, anti-aging

The hexapeptide Ac-EEMQRR-NH2 (Argireline®) was identified as a result of a rational design program.

Noteworthy, skin topography analysis of an oil/water (O/W) emulsion containing 10% of this hexapeptide solution on healthy women volunteers reduced wrinkle's depth up to 30% upon 30 days treatment.

Analysis of the mechanism of action showed that the hexapeptide significantly inhibited neurotransmitter release with a potency similar to that of BoNT A, although, as expected, it displayed much lower efficacy than the neurotoxin.

Inhibition of neurotransmitter release was due to the interference of the hexapeptide with the formation and/or stability of the protein complex that is required to drive Ca 2+ -dependent exocytosis, namely the vesicular fusion (known as SNARE) complex.

Notably, the hexapeptide did not exhibit in vivo oral toxicity nor primary irritation at high doses.

Taken together, these findings demonstrate that this hexapeptide is a non-toxic, anti-wrinkle molecule that emulates the action of currently used BoNTs. Therefore, the inclusion of this hexapeptide included at 10% represents a biosafe alternative to BoNTs in cosmetics.

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Underneath the clinical results of skin topography using silicon impressions taken from the lateral preorbital area in healthy women volunteers and analyzed by confocal microscopy.

Reduction of wrinkle depth

The top row illustrates the use of a placebo cream, while the bottom row illustrates the use of the molecule at a 10% inclusion rate. The three periods from left to right illustrates the measurements taken at day 0, day 15 and day 30.

For further clinical data on Argireline®

The anti-wrinkle and anti-aging properties of this hexapeptide

At a 10% inclusion rate of this non-toxic, non-irritant hexapeptide molecule, it was noted that it modulates the excessive stimulation of the facial muscles, relaxing facial tension and also reduces the depth of already formed wrinkles.

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